Announcing BakersCalc v2

Now that the pizza has your attention – BakersCalc v2 is officially out! It’s been rewritten from the ground up to be more lightweight, efficient, and user friendly.

This update is part of my continuous effort to stay current with the latest web technology, and is my first adventure into implementing SASS and ES6 (I know I’m super late, don’t rub it in too much).

The newest feature is to add from what I call the “precanned” items – ingredients that are commonly used in baking but can sometimes be overlooked when determining hydration. With these you can now add ingredients like egg yolks and have their individual water content (hydration) reflected in the formula’s total hydration. There is definitely room to expand on this neat feature, so expect future updates to expand on this idea.

One of the larger obstacles when rewriting this app was legacy support for the old data. While I’m very optimistic that I’ve accounted for all use cases there may still be the small hiccup, in which case you’ll still be able to access the old BakersCalc here. Note that v2 recipes will not work with the legacy app.

And since you’ve made it this far, here’s the crumbshot from today’s pie 😉

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