BakersCalc beta v0.9.3 Released

What is BakersCalc, anyways?

I’m glad you asked! BakersCalc is a side project of mine to help with creating, updating, and sharing bread formulas. The beauty behind baker’s percent is everything is relative to your total flour weight, so it doesn’t matter if you want to make 300g of dough or 300kg. All your ingredients will scale accordingly.

bakerscalc home screen mobile

BakersCalc homescreen on iOS

bakerscalc home screen mobile options shown

BakersCalc options displayed

bakerscalc home screen mobile about section

BakersCalc info section

Plans for the future

Although the site is fully functional right now I plan to implement a lot of updates in the very near future. These include:

  • Adding ability to define multiple flours and have app detect if amounts do not add up to 100%
  • Calculating dough hydration
  • Implementing individual ingredient hydration (for example, honey has 16-20% water. So we will be able to add that into the hydration calculations)
  • Options to change decimal precisions from whole numbers down to hundreths
  • Other general improvements and the usual bug squashing

You can find the tool at, and if you find it useful/annoying/broken feel free to get in touch with me at Stay tuned for more updates!